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Updates-Life, Craziness and music 

So, we released the newest CD; "Pride Falls Away", which is part of a 3 total releases. We have been fortunate to do a few radio show interviews, in support of the new release, as well as more upcoming interviews. The CD has been supported by many of you and that has been awesome. It really is the support of those who choose to journey with us; by purchasing our music and merchandise, donating and spreading the word to all your friends; that helps us keep going forward. We are so very grateful for all who…Read more

Announcing our Newest Official video release!! 

We finally get to share our newest Official video release. We are excited to once again have worked with the amazingly talented Nick Vino of PhoenixHipHop, as well as using a storyline created by Roger Picking. It was awesome working with the acting talents of Kierstin Baker and John Saliga, as well as being able to have the featured voice of the amazing Lauren Durniak. You can WATCH it HERE. Please be sure to Subscribe to our Channel for more videos to come.

In with New Moments: Happy New Life 

As 2016 draws to a close, we look back; only as a reference; to where we have been and to see what great things we have watched happen. We will not focus on the failures, the mistakes, that which never happened, that which could have happened, the lost friendships, the lost relationships, or anything in life that really isn’t more than just a distraction from all the good that 2016 brought. We will also not toss away the past, like it is useless to us. The past is full of everything that makes us who we are…

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