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Hope is for All 

There are truly those moments that feel completely without hope, but those are the moments that Hope is more active in our lives. The situation may be so dime or dark that it is almost impossible to see hope, but it is there. Hope is like the morning sun, while we are still asleep. As our eyes are closed, providing darkness for sleep, we are still surrounded by the light. Hope is still surrounding us while we are blinded by the darkness covering our eyes, but soon we will awake and our eyes will open to the…

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You are Significant 

You are significant, which may not seem clear, but you are still here. Your purpose is great and you are needed by the world around you, but you must fearlessly step out of the comfort zone that surrounds you. You are one, but you have the potential to influence many! May you rise up and rock this day in a person to person way!

The Sun is shining to light your journey 

Each day the sun shines. It does this whether we want it or not. It has a purpose to fulfill and thus it shines. Each of us have a purpose and the rising of sun on our lives, reminds us we are still in the process of completing this purpose. May we see the sunlit path as a blessing as we continue the journey on this new day! We have purpose and we have the strength to rock this day!

On the path you travel 

Each day, we are faced with many decisions. Sometimes we are faced with multiple decisions an hour. If we are not in the right mindset or the right heart-set, we can be easily confused and torn about what is the correct decision. The life we are in has made it increasingly difficult to make clear decisions. We are surrounded by so many options and everyone wants us to believe they have the best option. The influences, around us, play into the distorted view of life, relationships, and even the food we eat…Read more

We are surrounded by the unseen 

We are surrounded by the unseen waves that are captured by the ears and felt in the body. We don't question it, because our bodies have been created with certain senses to prove the existence of these unseen things we call sound waves. Life is full of things we question the existence of, because we just can't see them, but our body is designed to sense the unseen. Just because we can't see with our eyes, doesn't mean we can feel within our being.