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Proclaim Hope! 

Though the enemy may launch their fiery darts, we will raise our voices and proclaim the Hope that fills our hearts!

In these times where fear is the enemy, we must remember to fear not. The enemy will threaten us with death. But, for those who have received life eternal and rest in the shelter of the Most High, death is not a threat. In the words of our song, "Bottom Feed-Forshaw remix", "Death's chains can't hold a man free within". 

Death, where is you sting? Oh, Hades, where is your victory- 1 Cor.

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A real rockstar gives Hope! 

Good Friday all of you fabulous wellsprings! You don’t have to be a rockstar to rock your world! You can bloom and abound as you courageously give hope to your world all around! Let’s rock this day fearlessly giving hope in our awesome way! 

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Worth to help others live 

Good Wednesday all of you wellsprings of great worth! You are a wonderful life meant to rock this world in a wondrous way! Let’s rock the day in a worth giving way! 

#Wednesday #motivation #inspiration #wellsprings #worth #mawcore

Grateful for all of you! 

Without each of you, our fans/supporters/friends/family, we are just another band. We are grateful for each of you who have helped us get this far! While we still have a long way to go and we want to continue to grow and move forward, our motion forward is dependant on each precious person willing to support us however they can. The most obvious way to move us forward is make our music your own. Remember, while we love playing the music, it completes the purpose of the music when it finds its way into your…

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Let's Rock this Day in a Majestic Way 

Good Monday all of you rocking wellsprings! You are nobility meant for majesty. May you rock this day being the marvelous person that you are! Let’s #rocktheday!

Significant perspective 

Good day all of you lives of great significance! May you see you can be an amazing part of your world, regardless of how small you currently see your talents. Just like the bee goes about each day, doing what it knows it's meant to do; never fully realizing how large of an impact it really has; so are each of us. The bee may not have millions of followers on social media, but that doesn't prevent it from doing what it has been purposed for. It is all about perspective. The bee spends each day doing what is…

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Each moment builds Value 

These moments we experience are so often rapidly fleeting and more often than not they are missed, but they are each key to our overall journey. Each moment, big or small, is precious and priceless in building the total value of our life's journey. May we learn to take the good with the bad, the small with the large, the courageous with the fearful, the hopeful with the hopeless and the life with the death, as we build a life full of worth.