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The Courage to overcome 

Do not lose heart, Oh Wellsprings. Though we may face a fight unclear, the God of Hope is here. In His presence we have the strength to face the unknown, with the courage to overcome each challenge, because we are not alone.

You can overcome the darkside 

Good Day all of you masterfully made wellsprings! Even if the darkside tries to use the force against you, you are given the strength, courage and help to overcome. Let's rock this day!

You are a miraculous Life 

Good Morning and day all of you masterfully made wellsprings! You are a miraculous life, made with the ability to rock Hope's marvelous light in a world that feels consumed by the darkness of the night! Let's rock this day in our light filled way!

You can persist 

Good Morning all of you masterfully crafted wellsprings! In all the pain, in all the rain, Hope still exist, so rise up and rock knowing the light of Heaven shines in giving you the strength to persist! Let's rock this day!

Press forward! 

Good Day all of you treasured wellsprings! Despite what your year has been, Hope is alive within, filling you with the strength and courage to press forward knowing that the battle is yours to win! 2019 may have brought you many struggles you were not ready for, but here you are in this last day of 2019, which proves you are a fighter. You didn't give up and you shouldn't. Each day you get, is a day you are given, because you are able to not just be victorious, but to also bring encouragement to others that…

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You are magnificent  

You are a magnificent life of meaning! May the light of Hope fill your soul, renewing you with the strength to share your beauty with everyone you know!

Rock this day in a fearless way! 

Good morning and day all of you fantastic wellsprings! You are being strengthened for the fight in Heaven's morning light. Let's rock this day in a fearless way!

United we stand 

“United we stand, divided we fall. Arms embraced, we will bring Hope to all” Let’s rock this day in a united way!

Let's rock this day in a renewed way! 

Good Saturday all of you spectacular wellsprings! In all the struggles and strife, Hope is still brightly shining into your life! Let’s rock this day in a renewed way 

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Happy Memorial Day 

Good Monday to all of you marvelous wellsprings! 

We just wanted to wish each of you a Happy Memorial Day. We hope this day will not be taken lightly and that we will remember all of the sacrifices that have been made for us. We have so much to be grateful for and much of it has come at a great cost. This day specifically, we think about the millions of lives lost for sake of freedom and overcoming injustice all over the world. May we pray for those who still fight for freedom and for their families. May…

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