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Amidst the Turbulence 

Good Tuesday all of you greatly treasured wellsprings! The thunder tries to drown out the music with its rumbling threats of turbulence, but your talents are being renewed to resound the hope, that outlast the storms impermanence. Let’s rock this day in a hope resounding way! 

#rocktheday #treasured #wellsprings #Tuesday #motivation #mawcore #rockmusic #onamission


Let's Rock the day in our strategically placed way! 

Good Saturday each of you skillfully crafted wellsprings! May you clearly see that you are a strategic to your surroundings! Let’s rock this day steadfastly striving against the storms of negativity that seek to cloud out the sunrays of hope that will never be defeated! 

#strategic #wellsprings #rocktheday #steadfast #rockmusic #mawcore #rocknroll #onamission #Saturday #motivation

Hope is at the center of it all! 

Today is a new day, but it may feel as though nothing has changed. It may feel as though our world continues to spiral out of control and there is nothing we can do about it. We may feel like everything we do just brings us closer to the crushing, impending doom we sense is about to happen; or has already happened. Alas, we breath and life still flows into our lungs. While the air may seem thinner than before, we are still bringing life into our lungs. So what does this mean? What does our new day of…

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