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Light a path to Victory 

Let's Rise up, magnificent wellsprings! We are more marvelous than the morning sun. We are made to shine our majestic purpose, bringing the light of Hope to everyone.

We may be in a place that doesn't feel so marvelous or even remotely light filled, but these are the places we can bring the most change. The human person has been created with more drive, than the forces of darkness would have us believe. If the enemy can convince us to give into the negativity, of the our surroundings, then that is one less…

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Press forward! 

Good Day all of you treasured wellsprings! Despite what your year has been, Hope is alive within, filling you with the strength and courage to press forward knowing that the battle is yours to win! 2019 may have brought you many struggles you were not ready for, but here you are in this last day of 2019, which proves you are a fighter. You didn't give up and you shouldn't. Each day you get, is a day you are given, because you are able to not just be victorious, but to also bring encouragement to others that…

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Official Release and it Includes You 

Official Release: We have officially released our crowdfunding campaign.This is where you all come in, because we most definitely can't do this without any of you! We have some awesome opportunities ahead and this will definitely open up so many new doors for us. We hope you will come beside us, at what ever level you can, and help us light this world with hope driven fearless rock! Whether it's sharing or contributing, you play an awesome role in all of this! 

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Stand Steadfast 

Good Morning and day all of you wondrous well-crafted wellsprings! We may have to live with the choices of yesterday, but we do not have to be a slave to past. We must rise up in this day anew and claim victory, for Hope has come to help us stand steadfast!

Today we rise! 

Good morning and day all of you amazing wellsprings! 

There is a fight being waged against us all, that wants to steal our joy and cripple our abilities. An enemy of our overall well-being is on the hunt to crush our spirit and destroy our courage, but we can only be defeated by this enemy if we allow it! This enemy prowls about “Like a lion” seeking to devour and destroy, but this enemy is not the lion. This enemy wants to believe it’s a lion, but it's not even a member of the lion family. This enemy…

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Amidst the Turbulence 

Good Tuesday all of you greatly treasured wellsprings! The thunder tries to drown out the music with its rumbling threats of turbulence, but your talents are being renewed to resound the hope, that outlast the storms impermanence. Let’s rock this day in a hope resounding way! 

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Take Hold of Forgiveness 

Take Hold of Forgiveness! 

Good Friday all of you fabulous wellsprings! 

On this day, and every day, May we not let ourselves focus on our self-acknowledged flaws and failures, because our emotions can be our biggest traitors. 

We are so often consumed by the images and thoughts generated by deceiving snapshots that are all around us. We take in all of these suggestions and allow our emotions to be controlled by the belief that we can never measure up. It is very possible we can never measure up on our…

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Even in the Dark Night! 

Good Friday all of you fantastic wellsprings! The fear may be more than you feel you can handle, but even the night is afraid of a tiny lit candle. A little light can go a long way in a dark night. You don't have to be a huge fog lamp or a large spot light, you just need to be willing to shine. You may feel as though all glimmer of light has left your day, but it hasn't. Even a darkened mirror can reflect light. So if your life feels like it has been darkened, if you feel like your reflection has gone dime…

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The Crashing of the Waves produces beauty 

The Crashing of the waves produces beauty.

If it wasn't for the constant turning of the ocean and crashing of the mighty waves there wouldn't be a beach for so many people to enjoy. We look at the shoreline and very seldom do we consider the constant struggle it took to create the shoreline, we admire.

So often, we look at others, who seem to have it all together, or have a beauty we feel we lack, and instantly assume it came easily. We find ourselves saying things like, why can't that be me, but we…

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Hold On! 

Hold On! You may be up against a big challenge, or a little one, but you are able to overcome this one! Hold tightly, with all your might, to the truth that you are strong. You are able to beat this thing that you are up against. You may feel like you are too small or too weak, but there is a strength working through you, that is more than able to help you become a conqueror! Tap into that strength and know you will win!