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Fortitude to Prevail 

Fear not, Oh warrior. For though your strength may seem to fail and you begin to tire, Hope's victorious power fills you with the fortitude to prevail and lifts you out of the mire.

It may not feel that this is true, especially in times of so much doubt and confusion. You may be dealing with something that you are positive you won't be able to overcome. Your back is against the wall, you are in over your head and you have no reason to believe this is a battle you can win. You are right and God knows it…

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You have more fight left in you 

Good Day all of you fantastic wellsprings. You may feel that you are done, because you can no longer run, but you have more fight left in you and Hope will see you through. So, run, walk or crawl, but there is a way to finish even after you fall. Let's rock this day!

Hope is with you 

Good morning and day all of you fantastic wellsprings. Fear not, you are not alone. No matter what you must face, Hope has not left you on your own. Let’s rock the day in a fearless way.

Let's Rock it all! 

Good Tuesday all of you rocking talents! You are more tenacious than the troubles that face you! While you may feel crushed by the burdens of the day, you are stronger than you believe or even can see. There is a strength even greater than you own that is available with an endless supply. Even when we don't want to see it, believe it, or even receive it; it is still working on our behalf to bring us through it all. Let's embrace this strength. Let’s transform this day in a life giving way! Let’s rock this…

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You will be triumphant! 

Because Hope is alive, you will be triumphant. You may be facing troubles and turmoil, but you are fully equipped to overcome those things that are trying to steal the joy away from you today! 

Hope is at the center of it all! 

Today is a new day, but it may feel as though nothing has changed. It may feel as though our world continues to spiral out of control and there is nothing we can do about it. We may feel like everything we do just brings us closer to the crushing, impending doom we sense is about to happen; or has already happened. Alas, we breath and life still flows into our lungs. While the air may seem thinner than before, we are still bringing life into our lungs. So what does this mean? What does our new day of…

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We are not alone 

We do not battle alone. Saying that can seem a little bold and to some it can seem insensitive to the individual emotions of those who truly feel alone. We all have moments, even longer periods of time, of loneliness that can all but cripple us and render us useless, but we have to somehow remember that it is a feeling. The mind and heart can really work against us, because of all the influences around us or even the lack of influences around us. While we may feel like we are in a place of total loneliness…

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