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Together, we spread the Light of Hope! 

The present we will embrace, as the future we face, coming together to stand to spread Hope across this fear ridden land! 

Now, more than ever, we need to unite. Yes, the distance may make it feel impossible to accomplish, but it really isn't. Just like negativity and conspiracies spread like wildfire throughout our social media, news sources and internet, Hope can also spread. In fact, Hope can spread far more rapidly than all the negativity, but we must unite to spread it. We must make a conscious…

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Together we can overcome 

You are an eternal life of worth; by which Hope has chosen to flow through, helping to make the broken whole and bringing healing to the wounded soul. Together we can overcome challenges and reach the goal. Let’s rock this day bringing life in our wonderful way.

Together we are triumphant 

Good Morning and day all of you highly treasured wellsprings! You may have to be carried or you may have the strength to carry, but when we all come together we are triumphant. Let's rock this day in a triumphant way! 

An Army of Ones 

An Army of Ones: 

We honestly get as excited about the ones as we do about the one hundreds. All too often we get caught up in wanting things to happen now, that we forget about the ones; the one second, the one minute, the one step, the one person, the one dollar; but it is each of the ones that add up to the total sum of our overall goals.  Without the ones, there aren’t the 100 hundreds and more, so we are grateful for the ones. This message rang clear when we received a contribution of $1 just the…

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Up to something 

These 6 elephants excitedly look forward to see if the rumors they heard, with well their tuned ears, are true. They will find out, as well as everyone, in just 6 days. Don't forget, because these 6 won't, it's in just 6 days. 

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You are a warrior and you can win! 

Good morning and day all of you wondrously crafted wellsprings! You are facing struggles unique to you, but that is not a bad thing. You may feel as though these struggles you are facing are things you just can't possibly win against, but in fact you can. In each breath you take in, you are being filled with a hope unseen and not always understood. Regardless of who is or isn't by your side, you do not fight alone. Hope is always actively fighting with you and for you, and together the day is yours to…

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Together we bring hope 

Good Morning and day to each of you marvelous wellsprings! Together we can carry hope. Together we can sing with courage. Together we are “Mawcore”.  Let’s rock this day together!