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It's Coming 

It's coming. The much anticipated, long awaited, official music video for our single- "Breath", will be out soon. 

Press forward! 

Good Day all of you treasured wellsprings! Despite what your year has been, Hope is alive within, filling you with the strength and courage to press forward knowing that the battle is yours to win! 2019 may have brought you many struggles you were not ready for, but here you are in this last day of 2019, which proves you are a fighter. You didn't give up and you shouldn't. Each day you get, is a day you are given, because you are able to not just be victorious, but to also bring encouragement to others that…

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LTTM interview with Mawcore 

We are so very thankful and grateful to the fine folks at Louder than the Music for taking the time to interview us. It was time well spent and you can read it here!

An Army of Ones 

An Army of Ones: 

We honestly get as excited about the ones as we do about the one hundreds. All too often we get caught up in wanting things to happen now, that we forget about the ones; the one second, the one minute, the one step, the one person, the one dollar; but it is each of the ones that add up to the total sum of our overall goals.  Without the ones, there aren’t the 100 hundreds and more, so we are grateful for the ones. This message rang clear when we received a contribution of $1 just the…

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3 days of Mystery 

3 days until the mystery is revealed. We are excited to soon share the news with everyone. Keep your eyes and ears on the alert! 

Up to something 

These 6 elephants excitedly look forward to see if the rumors they heard, with well their tuned ears, are true. They will find out, as well as everyone, in just 6 days. Don't forget, because these 6 won't, it's in just 6 days. 

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Time is Near 

The time is very near! We will finally be releasing our newest official music video very soon. As of 10-3-2017, we will be releasing the brand new video. Be sure you are subscribed to our YouTube Channel, so you can be the first to see the video as well as more videos to come.