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Together, we spread the Light of Hope! 

The present we will embrace, as the future we face, coming together to stand to spread Hope across this fear ridden land! 

Now, more than ever, we need to unite. Yes, the distance may make it feel impossible to accomplish, but it really isn't. Just like negativity and conspiracies spread like wildfire throughout our social media, news sources and internet, Hope can also spread. In fact, Hope can spread far more rapidly than all the negativity, but we must unite to spread it. We must make a conscious…

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Hope Will Set Us Free 

Good Morning all you masterfully made wellsprings! Yesterday's mess may try to oppress and make you feel like less, but Hope’s magnificent strength is pouring to set you free from all that tries to suppress. Let’s rock this day

Fearlessly Rock the Morning and day 

Good Friday all of you fabulous rockers! May you be more ferocious than your fears and failures, for you designed for greatness. Let’s #rocktheday!



The Crashing of the Waves produces beauty 

The Crashing of the waves produces beauty.

If it wasn't for the constant turning of the ocean and crashing of the mighty waves there wouldn't be a beach for so many people to enjoy. We look at the shoreline and very seldom do we consider the constant struggle it took to create the shoreline, we admire.

So often, we look at others, who seem to have it all together, or have a beauty we feel we lack, and instantly assume it came easily. We find ourselves saying things like, why can't that be me, but we…

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Stonger than your fear 

Good Friday all of you fantastic rockers! You are stronger than your fears. You are wiser than the fears that want to control your thoughts. You are more than a conqueror. Freedom is waiting for you on the other side of your fear, all you need to do is stop letting it control. Yes, this is many times easier said than done. It is very possible it may take longer for you than it would take someone else, but you can do it. You are more capable than you think and as you train yourself to utilize this strength…

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