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The Courage to overcome 

Do not lose heart, Oh Wellsprings. Though we may face a fight unclear, the God of Hope is here. In His presence we have the strength to face the unknown, with the courage to overcome each challenge, because we are not alone.

You can overcome the darkside 

Good Day all of you masterfully made wellsprings! Even if the darkside tries to use the force against you, you are given the strength, courage and help to overcome. Let's rock this day!

Moving on up 

Moving on up! Pretty awesome that we are up to #14 on ChristianRock.Net. We are definitely surrounded by great company like the wonderful peeps in Bayless Ignescent and Demon Hunter and Relentless Flood. We are super grateful to each of you all who help keep this upward trend, by requesting the song.

Hope will abound! 

Good Tuesday all of you wellsprings of great treasure! The clouds of darkness may try to close in all around, but the light of hope is pouring in giving you the strength to abound! Let’s rock the day abounding in a light filled way! 

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