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Hope is always here 

Good day you fabulous Wellsprings! In the midst of overwhelming fear, the ferocious light of Hope is always here.

No matter what is going on, in your life, or surrounding your life, you are not alone. Yes, things may be tough and the darkness may seem to be overwhelming, but is just takes one spark to change the situation. The most awesome thing is that the light of Hope is far more ferocious and bright than just a spark. 

On the day that Jesus was crucified, the disciples were surrounded with darkness…

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You will triumph over the troubles 

Good Tuesday all of you rocking wellsprings of great treasures! Troubles may abound, but there is a strength that abounds in a greater way filling you with the ability to live this day in a triumphant way! Let’s #rocktheday!

Rock the day like a Super Alpaca 

Good #Tuesday all of you talented rocking wellsprings. May you have the tenacity to blaze a trail of hope that eternally revolutionizes your heart and those around you. Let’s #rocktheday in a life giving way! #rockandroll #alpaca

Let's Rock it all! 

Good Tuesday all of you rocking talents! You are more tenacious than the troubles that face you! While you may feel crushed by the burdens of the day, you are stronger than you believe or even can see. There is a strength even greater than you own that is available with an endless supply. Even when we don't want to see it, believe it, or even receive it; it is still working on our behalf to bring us through it all. Let's embrace this strength. Let’s transform this day in a life giving way! Let’s rock this…

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Radiate Light 

Good Tuesday all of you tremendously awesome rockers! May the light of hope radiate throughout your life, giving you the strength to tenaciously overcome the fear of failure that threatens to steal your joy away! Let’s rock this day!