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Together, we spread the Light of Hope! 

The present we will embrace, as the future we face, coming together to stand to spread Hope across this fear ridden land! 

Now, more than ever, we need to unite. Yes, the distance may make it feel impossible to accomplish, but it really isn't. Just like negativity and conspiracies spread like wildfire throughout our social media, news sources and internet, Hope can also spread. In fact, Hope can spread far more rapidly than all the negativity, but we must unite to spread it. We must make a conscious…

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Transform your season 

Good morning and day all of you fantastic wellsprings! You are purposefully placed to transform the day and the season with Hope driven love in a world that feels displaced. 

You may not be feeling this season or you may be full of Christmas cheer. Either way, you are what makes a difference in this time of year. It's not how much or how little you have to give, it is just how you give. You already have all you need to bring hope to someone's day and that starts with your heart. When you realize that joy…

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Shine bright 

In the darkest night, it takes one Hope filled flame to burn bright and all will see the light. Let's rock this day in our light filled day!

You are the marvelous one! 

Good Day all of you masterfully crafted wellsprings. In the adorning of the sun, you are the most marvelous one; a source which Hope flows through to shine on everyone. Let’s rock this day in our marvelous way!

Hope Will Set Us Free 

Good Morning all you masterfully made wellsprings! Yesterday's mess may try to oppress and make you feel like less, but Hope’s magnificent strength is pouring to set you free from all that tries to suppress. Let’s rock this day

You are matchless 

Good morning and day all of you marvelous masterfully crafted wellsprings! You are a matchless life of meaning, made with beauty to shine like the sun's brilliant beaming. Let's rock this day with all of our marvelous beauty!

You are magnificent 

Good Morning and day all of you masterfully crafted wellsprings! As the sun was made to make a difference in all of its beautiful array, you are made to be the magnificent in this day! Let’s rock this day in the pursuit of all we are meant to be.

You were made for greatness! 

Good morning and day all of you masterfully-crafted wellsprings! You were made for greatness from the moment breath entered you, so rise up in the courage of Hope that is with you in all you do! Let’s rock this day with our greatness.

You are exceptional 

Good Morning and day all of you fantastic wellsprings! You are an exceptional life of abundant abilities, being strengthened, in Hope, to face your fears and live fully alive! Let’s rock each moment of this day in our amazing way! 

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Rock this day in your awesome way! 

Good Monday and Christmas Eve all of you magnificent wellsprings! You are an amazing life of marvelous meaning. May you rock this morning and day in your amazing way! 

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