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In Prayer we are united 

May we not just pray for today. May we not just pray for tomorrow. May we not just pray for the joy and for the sorrow. May we pray to unite our hearts together with the one who loves us more than compare. Let us pray for the strength to overcome the trials we once never believed could be reality. May we pray for Hope to fill hearts everywhere. Let us pray for love to reign from sea to shining sea. Let us pray for all who are weak. Let us pray for those who struggle to stand. Let us pray for forgiveness we…

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Let's Rock the Neighborhood 

Good Morning and day all of you well-crafted wellsprings! You are more wonderful than worry would want you to believe. Simple or complex, big or small, you have a wondrous worth which is meant to bring Hope to all! Let's rock our neighborhood! 


Together we can overcome 

You are an eternal life of worth; by which Hope has chosen to flow through, helping to make the broken whole and bringing healing to the wounded soul. Together we can overcome challenges and reach the goal. Let’s rock this day bringing life in our wonderful way.

Together we are triumphant 

Good Morning and day all of you highly treasured wellsprings! You may have to be carried or you may have the strength to carry, but when we all come together we are triumphant. Let's rock this day in a triumphant way! 

You have much to give 

Good Morning and day all of you wellsprings of great talent! The love you have is not yours to keep, but yours to give. Whether it be small or whether it be big, when it’s given both lives can fully live! Let’s rock this day in our life giving way!

Power of the Light 

Today, we fight to bring mending to hearts that are broken; to bring the blind soul, new sight; to lift up the lame. Today, we fight the darkness with the power of the Light!

We all get to Fly 

Good Morning and day all of you wondrously made wellsprings! Whatever you have the talent to do, may you realize you have the strength to do it, because we all work together to lift each other high our spirits will soar and we all will get to fly! Let’s rock this day in an encouraging way!

Breath Value into others and build a lasting legacy 

Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame, but when lived just for self it quickly fades. When we use our 15 minutes of fame to breath value into others, we create a lasting legacy. 

If you find yourself in place where you have been noticed for something that puts you in a place of recognition, it has not been gifted to you just for you to use it for yourself. Fame, whatever measure, is not for your own benefit. Fame is a gift and it is meant to be used as selflessly as possible. 

Fame is fleeting and with…

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