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In Prayer we are united 

May we not just pray for today. May we not just pray for tomorrow. May we not just pray for the joy and for the sorrow. May we pray to unite our hearts together with the one who loves us more than compare. Let us pray for the strength to overcome the trials we once never believed could be reality. May we pray for Hope to fill hearts everywhere. Let us pray for love to reign from sea to shining sea. Let us pray for all who are weak. Let us pray for those who struggle to stand. Let us pray for forgiveness we…

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Today we remember 

On this day, 18 years ago, the way we all saw our world changed forever. On this day, 18 years ago, thousands of families lives were radically devastated and altered forever. No matter how you see this tragic event, it was an attack on all of our lives. If it was just an attack that took more than just buildings, it took precious lives in a violent way and left families ripped to shreds. On this day we continue to pray for those that still have those empty spots in their hearts. Today let us embrace our…

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