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Proclaim Hope! 

Though the enemy may launch their fiery darts, we will raise our voices and proclaim the Hope that fills our hearts!

In these times where fear is the enemy, we must remember to fear not. The enemy will threaten us with death. But, for those who have received life eternal and rest in the shelter of the Most High, death is not a threat. In the words of our song, "Bottom Feed-Forshaw remix", "Death's chains can't hold a man free within". 

Death, where is you sting? Oh, Hades, where is your victory- 1 Cor.

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Rock your bell 

Good New Day all of you fantastic wellsprings! Even if your bell rocks, instead of rings, you have joy to bring. Let's rock this day in our awesome way. 
#santa #santarocks #rocknroll

You are fierce 

Good morning and day all of you Fantastic wellsprings. The burdens of the day may be pushing you down but have hope for strength is coming to lift you off of the ground. You are a fierce fighter, fully equipped to overcome the battles you face. Let's rock this day in all of our fierceness. 

Today we rise! 

Good morning and day all of you amazing wellsprings! 

There is a fight being waged against us all, that wants to steal our joy and cripple our abilities. An enemy of our overall well-being is on the hunt to crush our spirit and destroy our courage, but we can only be defeated by this enemy if we allow it! This enemy prowls about “Like a lion” seeking to devour and destroy, but this enemy is not the lion. This enemy wants to believe it’s a lion, but it's not even a member of the lion family. This enemy…

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You are exceptional 

Good Morning and day all of you fantastic wellsprings! You are an exceptional life of abundant abilities, being strengthened, in Hope, to face your fears and live fully alive! Let’s rock each moment of this day in our amazing way! 

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Let's Rise Above 

Good morning and day all of you well-crafted wellsprings. You are a wealth of wisdom with the ability to rise above the crashing waves of insecurity. Let’s rise above rock this day! 

#rocktheday #rockthisday #wellcrafted #wellsprings #riseabove #mawcoremusic #mawcore #rockmusic #onamission #Wednesday #motivation

Let's live fully in our wonderfulness 

Good morning and day all of you wondrously crafted wellsprings! May the wonder of what we have and are, drown out the worry of what we have not! We are wonderful lives of worth! Let’s rock this day in the fullness of that worth! 

Rock this day renewed 

Good Wednesday all of you wondrous wellsprings! The day is new and life is too. May you rock this day with each moment of life renewed! 

#rocktheday #rockthisday #wondrous #wellsprings #newday #newlife #momentsrenewed #Wednesday #motivation #mawcore #mawcoremusic #rockmusic #onamission #rockwithpurpose #rockonpurpose


Fully Equipped to fight fear! 

Good Friday all of you fantastic wellsprings! You are a formidable force of fear fighting fury! Let’s Rock this day a freedom filled way! 

#rocktheday #fantastic #wellsprings #mawcore #rockmusic #onamission


Worth the World 

Good Wednesday all of you wellsprings of great worth! May you realize you are strategic to the world waiting for your wonderfulness! You are well-positioned to rock your world with life giving value! Let’s rock the day!