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Freedom Flourishes in Forgiveness 

Good Friday all of you fantastic wellsprings! The heart of forgiveness will be the heart that flourishes in freedom! Let’s Rock this day in a freedom thriving way! 

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You are a fierce fighter 


Good Friday all of you fabulous wellsprings! We are not a failure because we have failed and because we are down, doesn’t mean we don’t win. We need to dust ourselves off, pick ourselves up, put on the armor of faith and get back into the battle again! You are a fully equipped fighter, more fierce than forces that try to fight against you. Let’s Rock this day in a freeing way!


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Give Freedom, Freely 

Good Friday all of you fantastic wellsprings! May the fire of forgiveness burn brightly in our lives; bringing freedom to the soul and breaking the chains of guilt that control. Let’s rock this day in a forgiving way. 

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Take Hold of Forgiveness 

Take Hold of Forgiveness! 

Good Friday all of you fabulous wellsprings! 

On this day, and every day, May we not let ourselves focus on our self-acknowledged flaws and failures, because our emotions can be our biggest traitors. 

We are so often consumed by the images and thoughts generated by deceiving snapshots that are all around us. We take in all of these suggestions and allow our emotions to be controlled by the belief that we can never measure up. It is very possible we can never measure up on our…

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