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Hope is always here 

Good day you fabulous Wellsprings! In the midst of overwhelming fear, the ferocious light of Hope is always here.

No matter what is going on, in your life, or surrounding your life, you are not alone. Yes, things may be tough and the darkness may seem to be overwhelming, but is just takes one spark to change the situation. The most awesome thing is that the light of Hope is far more ferocious and bright than just a spark. 

On the day that Jesus was crucified, the disciples were surrounded with darkness…

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Hope will win 

Good morning and day all of you treasured wellsprings! Though the storm seems to close in, it can never fully win, for Hope's great light will always win the fight! Let's rock this day!

Hope in you is courage renewed 

Good Friday all of you fantastic wellsprings! Fearless you may not feel, but Hope’s strength in you a courageous warrior is revealed.  Let’s rock this day in a hope filled way! 

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Amidst the Turbulence 

Good Tuesday all of you greatly treasured wellsprings! The thunder tries to drown out the music with its rumbling threats of turbulence, but your talents are being renewed to resound the hope, that outlast the storms impermanence. Let’s rock this day in a hope resounding way! 

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