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Light a path to Victory 

Let's Rise up, magnificent wellsprings! We are more marvelous than the morning sun. We are made to shine our majestic purpose, bringing the light of Hope to everyone.

We may be in a place that doesn't feel so marvelous or even remotely light filled, but these are the places we can bring the most change. The human person has been created with more drive, than the forces of darkness would have us believe. If the enemy can convince us to give into the negativity, of the our surroundings, then that is one less…

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The Greatest Treasure is you 

Good #Tuesday all of you wellsprings of great #treasure!

So often we go on a hike looking for beauty. We go looking for things that amaze the eyes and bring joy to the senses. As we travel the trail we await the surprises that wait to reveal themselves to us. What we so often miss is that the greatest treasure on this journey is us. We are the one that is the most valued beauty. We are the ones that are full of mesmerizing talents made for the world to enjoy. But, just like our own eyes are looking for…

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