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You can persist 

Good Morning all of you masterfully crafted wellsprings! In all the pain, in all the rain, Hope still exist, so rise up and rock knowing the light of Heaven shines in giving you the strength to persist! Let's rock this day!

Because of HOPE 

Good Morning and day all of you marvelously made wellsprings! You are a miraculous life, made to reflect the light of Hope in a magnificent way and as it fills you with courage, you are able to face each challenge in this day! Let’s rock this day fully alive!

You are Mezmerizing 

Good Monday all of you masterfully created wellsprings! Greatness measured by the scales of man fall short of the master plan. You are a mesmerizing life meant for monumental living. Let’s rock this day in our mesmerizing way! 

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Rock the day in a monumental way 

Good Monday you magnificent wellsprings of great meaning! You are meant for greatness, regardless of your level of fame. You can have a marvelous and positive impact to all who know your name! Let’s rock the day in our own monumental way!

Let's Rock this Day in a Majestic Way 

Good Monday all of you rocking wellsprings! You are nobility meant for majesty. May you rock this day being the marvelous person that you are! Let’s #rocktheday!