In with New Moments: Happy New Life

As 2016 draws to a close, we look back; only as a reference; to where we have been and to see what great things we have watched happen. We will not focus on the failures, the mistakes, that which never happened, that which could have happened, the lost friendships, the lost relationships, or anything in life that really isn’t more than just a distraction from all the good that 2016 brought. We will also not toss away the past, like it is useless to us. The past is full of everything that makes us who we are today and serves to form us into who we will become. 
Looking to the next moment, we stand in this moment, so we will live in this moment; despite what it currently looks like. Yes, a new year is rapidly approaching, but a new year is always approaching. We cannot worry about the future or even look to the future to provide us some kind of redemption for our felt failures and losses; even though losses and failures are often very painful. Each moment we live in provides its own chance for redemption. If we cannot seize the moment for all it has, then it is possible the next moment will not be any more redemptive than the last. This is not to say there is not a possible good future; this is only to say that each moment is precious. In each breath are life and death, joy and sorrow, peace and war, success and failure; and they exist no matter how much we worry. We are encouraged, because in every breath there is hope! 
As we move into the New Year, may we hold onto the truth that Hope is alive. It is what we have to push us forward and hold us while we cry. Hope is there to rejoice with us, as well as give us peace in times of suffering.  Hope is real and compels us to dig deeper and believe in a happy ending. Hope is what is calling to us and filling us with the strength to survive. We may never understand why things happen or don’t happen. There may never even be good life application for the things we must go through, but we still must go through them; which we do because we have hope! 
May each moment moving forward be a moment you choose to love, give, care, change, improve, grow and live! May the good and bad of 2017 be lived boldly, because of hope! We pray that Hope will flood your soul and wash you from head to soul! Let’s Rise Up and live every second of 2017!

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