On the path you travel

Each day, we are faced with many decisions. Sometimes we are faced with multiple decisions an hour. If we are not in the right mindset or the right heart-set, we can be easily confused and torn about what is the correct decision. The life we are in has made it increasingly difficult to make clear decisions. We are surrounded by so many options and everyone wants us to believe they have the best option. The influences, around us, play into the distorted view of life, relationships, and even the food we eat. It is all too easy to be covered in such a large pile of misinformation that we can't even see the sun. May today be the day we decide to turn off as much craziness as we can, so we can start where it all matters and that is at the heart of things. May today be the day you do what you must to truly see the light is already shining clearly on the path you must travel.

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