Transform your season

Good morning and day all of you fantastic wellsprings! You are purposefully placed to transform the day and the season with Hope driven love in a world that feels displaced. 

You may not be feeling this season or you may be full of Christmas cheer. Either way, you are what makes a difference in this time of year. It's not how much or how little you have to give, it is just how you give. You already have all you need to bring hope to someone's day and that starts with your heart. When you realize that joy and happiness are a choice, it changes your purpose in life. Joy and happiness are always available, but we have to choose them. We have to change our focus, from what is wrong with life to what is right with it. 

Many years ago, on a probably not so "Silent Night"; due to the noise of the cattle, sheep and other farm creatures in the stable; Mary and Joseph were in a difficult situation. With the promise that they were going to be involved with caring for the Messiah, they were probably feeling pretty worthless when there wasn't even room for them in the Inn. But, they had to deal with what was going to happen. The situation was not good or ideal for the promised Son of God to be born, but the JOY to the World, was coming, regardless of the surrounding, and they had to quickly embrace the reality of things and bring the joy into a not so joyful surrounding.

Your surroundings may be lacking or void of joy, but you are not. You are not the situation. You are a person who has the gift of choice. You are able to choose joy and once you do, it will change your overall focus. 

Today, may you choose joy, because you have so much to give and it is just hinging on one choice. 

May you rock your Christmas(Holiday) season and every day after, with joy.

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