An Army of Ones

An Army of Ones: 

We honestly get as excited about the ones as we do about the one hundreds. All too often we get caught up in wanting things to happen now, that we forget about the ones; the one second, the one minute, the one step, the one person, the one dollar; but it is each of the ones that add up to the total sum of our overall goals.  Without the ones, there aren’t the 100 hundreds and more, so we are grateful for the ones. This message rang clear when we received a contribution of $1 just the other day. It was an awesome feeling for sure, because it was still a person saying they really believe in the mission of Mawcore and they want to see it happen. It was probably truly all they could give and we believe it was straight from the heart, so that $1 really rocked! We have been talking about this for a while. You may be sitting there thinking you don’t have $20 or $10 to give towards the Indiegogo, but if everyone comes together with their “ones” it will all add up. We have thousands of you following us and believing in us which means thousands of ones; an army of “Ones”. If we all come together we can really make this thing happen, which really would speak into what Mawcore is all about. We are truly about raising up an army of “ones”; an army of ordinary people purposed for extraordinary things. So, we ask you to join us, even if you only have the $1. Join us and become An Army of “Ones”.

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