Proclaim Hope!

Though the enemy may launch their fiery darts, we will raise our voices and proclaim the Hope that fills our hearts!

In these times where fear is the enemy, we must remember to fear not. The enemy will threaten us with death. But, for those who have received life eternal and rest in the shelter of the Most High, death is not a threat. In the words of our song, "Bottom Feed-Forshaw remix", "Death's chains can't hold a man free within". 

Death, where is you sting? Oh, Hades, where is your victory- 1 Cor. 15:55

You see, even though we must take the necessary precautions, we don't need do them out of fear of death. If we do, or don't do, things out of fear of death, we will never fully live. We are given this life to live it to the fullest. We are given this life to live it filled with Hope; a hope that comes with a promise that God is with us on the highest high and lowest low. We can live this life to the fullest, because God is there for our first breath and He promises to be there for our last. Because of His promise of life eternal, to those who believe in Him, we will not experience the sting of death, but be ushered into life with God, eternally. 

Today is the day we proclaim a life victorious over the fear of death.


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