Today we rise!

Good morning and day all of you amazing wellsprings! 

There is a fight being waged against us all, that wants to steal our joy and cripple our abilities. An enemy of our overall well-being is on the hunt to crush our spirit and destroy our courage, but we can only be defeated by this enemy if we allow it! This enemy prowls about “Like a lion” seeking to devour and destroy, but this enemy is not the lion. This enemy wants to believe it’s a lion, but it's not even a member of the lion family. This enemy wants us to believe we can be overpowered, but the enemy is wrong! We are made to be a part of the wellspring. We are made to be the wellspring. We have been created to flourish and thrive, even amidst the attack on our courage, our joy, our peace and our overall foundation. Fumble, fail, or fall, but we don’t have to stay down and we most definitely can’t stay defeated when we realize we have hope and strength, that is greater, in us, than any of the forces of this world. Today we rise. Today we rock this ever present help and hope!   

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