Hope is always here

Good day you fabulous Wellsprings! In the midst of overwhelming fear, the ferocious light of Hope is always here.

No matter what is going on, in your life, or surrounding your life, you are not alone. Yes, things may be tough and the darkness may seem to be overwhelming, but is just takes one spark to change the situation. The most awesome thing is that the light of Hope is far more ferocious and bright than just a spark. 

On the day that Jesus was crucified, the disciples were surrounded with darkness. The sky went black and the earth shook. The temple veil was torn. They truly felt hopeless.
They had spent three years with a man, who they were convinced was going to be the hero of the their nation and in one day he was gone. 
This man's death took with him their hope of a messiah and all felt lost.

They were right, with the death all would be lost, but it didn't stay that way. On the third say, something completely unbelievable and miraculous happened. It is so miraculous, we haven't seen anything like it since. On that third day, when a few of them walked in sorrow, to the place where the body was laid to rest, they discovered a most confusing sight. The tomb was open and the body was gone. Their first experience with a super natural light of hope came from the angel inside, saying do not fear, He is not here. He is risen.
After this happening, Jesus would show himself to all the disciples, as well as more than hundreds of others.
The darkness quickly faded for all who came in contact with the Light of Hope, which was and is alive.

You may feel that darkness is winning, but Hope has not left. We still have this light and if we take a moment or two to look for it, it will be seen.

Hope is alive, because Jesus defeated death. Hope is alive and is shinning for all who choose to see it. Darkness can't win as long as we let the light Hope dwell within.



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