Press forward!

Good Day all of you treasured wellsprings! Despite what your year has been, Hope is alive within, filling you with the strength and courage to press forward knowing that the battle is yours to win! 2019 may have brought you many struggles you were not ready for, but here you are in this last day of 2019, which proves you are a fighter. You didn't give up and you shouldn't. Each day you get, is a day you are given, because you are able to not just be victorious, but to also bring encouragement to others that are struggling. You may not feel like you have the ability to bring encouragement in your times of struggle, but there are others watching you, who are also struggling. It's not always in how you run, but in how you compete. Your body may feel weak and your courage may be growing thin, but you do not have to fight alone. There is a strength available and willing to fill your soul and in your times of weakness this strength will willingly take control. If, in the midst of this race, you are just too weak to move forward, reach out to the God who gives all strength. One way or another, you will be lifted up and be able to press forward to the finish line.  

Let's rock this last day of 2019!


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