Take Hold of Forgiveness

Take Hold of Forgiveness! 

Good Friday all of you fabulous wellsprings! 

On this day, and every day, May we not let ourselves focus on our self-acknowledged flaws and failures, because our emotions can be our biggest traitors. 

We are so often consumed by the images and thoughts generated by deceiving snapshots that are all around us. We take in all of these suggestions and allow our emotions to be controlled by the belief that we can never measure up. It is very possible we can never measure up on our own accord, which is perfectly fine. We shouldn’t be convinced to just give up, because we are amazingly created individuals who are loved in an amazing, almost unbelievable way! There will be gaps and shortcomings in our character, but these gaps are filled in with an unfailing and perfect love that is working together for our good. We feel unworthy and all too often unforgiveable, but that is not true and many times the place we are hung up on. This place of unforgiveableness keeps us from moving forward in freedom, but if we allow it, we will be brought to a place where we see we are greatly valued and highly treasured. Our life is meant for a powerful purpose even if we feel as though we are not properly equipped. In all of our failures and in all of our flaws, forgiveness is given freely and is working in our hearts to helps us realize we are worthy of greatness. 

May we rest in the foundation of love, faithfully persuading our hearts to live in the forgiveness we are meant to take hold of, enabling us to overcome the shortcomings we are meant to rise above.

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